What is the problem?

Managing IP ranges with your content providers is a time-consuming, inefficient and costly process.

Time – each time your IT department or proxy server provider needs to register an IP address change you need to notify each of your content providers; this can be hundreds of individual publishers and require multiple emails to each. Some, or all, of your users may be denied access to content for as long as this process takes.

Accuracy – manually communicating long strings of numbers is fraught with danger as typos can often limit your ability to access or open up access to others. An error in one digit can have disastrous consequences.

Cost – inaccurate, duplicated and over-lapping IP ranges in publisher access management systems can result in inflated usage statistics which affect your organisation’s understanding of the value of a product and/or your ability to negotiate appropriate pricing.

How it works

For many years PSI has been cleaning up the IP data held by publishers. Our database currently holds around 1.5 billion validated IP addresses from over 60,000 organisations worldwide.

Once your organisation registers, you’ll be sent an administrator login allowing you to check the IPs we hold for you and make any amendments you may require.

In future, you will only need to update your IP details in one place and all publishers will then receive your new, accurate IP data – saving you time and limiting the opportunity for error.

What you need to do

Simply register yourself as a user, check your IPs and start using The IP Registry. Please send any queries to admin@theIPregistry.org


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“The University of Cambridge warmly supports the IP Registry initiative and looks forward to the greater efficiencies it will bring, not least in reducing the admin overhead with multiple publishers and in ensuring reliability for our usage statistics data”

James CaudwellUniversity of Cambridge