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CERN's @kamrannaim shows the end-to-end set of open science solutions from policy to practice to infrastructure. It's a model for how it can be done when there is agreement at all levels and funds dedicated to open. #OpenScienceUN

NEW BLOG: The top nine questions on predatory journals - answered! #PredatoryJournals #PredatoryPublishing #ScholComm

We are happy to say that @amermathsoc are now using our data to authenticate access to content. #Libraries make sure your access is set up correctly by simply registering an account at and confirming your IP address data
#LibraryTwitter #LibraryLife

Nawal's time at CRP taught her about accepting others' differences and feelings. 'We are refugees and we have a build-up of problems and we need support from one another.' Support Nawal and her family by donating here

The addition of the Allen Press publishers to the large and growing number of #publishers now receiving updates via will greatly boost the value of our service for content subscribing organisations
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We’re happy to say that Charleston Hub is the latest content provider to sign up for daily updates via @CHSconf encourages all #libraries to register and benefit from this FREE service
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"A few years of loose talk fostering unwarranted doubts about IP access may have done lasting harm to perceptions, and that would be a shame. In the struggle for safety and security online, we need to have sober assessments of options."

We're happy to say that @IMAIOS is the latest content provider to sign up for daily updates via IMAIOS encourages all #libraries to register at and benefit from this FREE service
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Journals fail to take action over “fatally flawed” experiments: four-year study into publisher responses uncovers delays of almost three years to investigations and “huge variance” in action taken. @jgro_the reports

The Silverchair Universe Presents: integration - The Rockefeller Story - Silverchair

We're celebrating! There are now over 4000 organisations using to manage the IP addresses they use for access authentication and to communicate updates to #publishers.
#Libraries #LibraryTwitter #LibraryLife #AcademicLibraries #MedLibs

This is a significant move and indicates some serious concerns... Police warn students and universities of accessing an illegal website to download published scientific papers

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