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"In this case, having results continuously and immediately available to respondents was critical for ongoing decision making." via @scholarlykitchn

#Libraries - don't forget that you can download the block list for free from your organisational profile page in

So pleased that Elsevier recruited such a great librarian as the newest Vice President for Global Library Relations. Thrilled as well to see Amy in the OhioLINK leadership role!

We've been working with #R4L to help facilitate this. The project we undertook involved uploading over 8000 #R4L accounts to help provide the organisations with easier IP-based access.#HappyToHelp #JustDoingOurBit #R2Rconf

@rschrobUK @kamrannaim @AndreaJPowell Yes @ip_registry has been working with #R4L to help facilitate this. The project involved uploading all R4L accounts to (over 8000) to help provide them with easier IP-based access to resources. We are proud to support the work that R4l are doing. #r2rconf

We're celebrating the fact that there are now 2000 organisations using to manage the IP addresses they use for access authentication and communicate updates to #publishers! 🥂🍾
#Libraries #AcademicLibraries #LibraryLife

OK. Been putting this off. Coronavirus and what I think you need to know. A thread thats going to just be a brain dump over an unspecified period of time. By me. A microbiologist. But not that kind of microbiologist. (1)

The first @R4LPartnership MOOC was run late in 2019, and during the course new institutions in 27 countries registered for access to Research4Life. Read about the experiences of the students in this post:

Another great day at the office! A special thank you to our youth leaders who were top notch today 💪⚽️ #uksd #kidzplay4freeproject #hyannis #educate #leadership #create

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