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Welcome aboard to @amermathsoc the latest #publisher to sign up to the IP-intrusion service. The American Mathematical Society is joining the #publishing community driven fight against #cybercrime

Happy to say that @amermathsoc is the latest #publisher to sign up to receive daily updates with details of IP changes via The American Mathematical Society is encouraging #libraries to register for FREE access to #LibraryTwitter

Thank you to everyone who supported us in this campaign and the 42 new monthly donors. You are all a part of our international family and help to ensure that the vulnerable community in Amman is able to secure their most basic needs. We are truly grateful for all your compassion!

We are happy to say that @RockUPress are now using our data to authenticate access to content. Make sure your access is set up correctly by simply registering an account at and confirming your IP data
#LibraryTwitter #LibraryLife #LibrariesWeek #Libraries

Head teacher follows dept for education new rule after poss #Covid_19 school outbreak and rings DFE helpline, to ease pressure on Public Health England’s local teams. DFE talks to him and says he now needs to ring Public Health England, which he does. No one picks up. Genius

We're celebrating again! There are now over 3000 organisations using to manage the IP addresses they use for access authentication and to communicate updates to #publishers 🥂🍾
#Libraries #LibraryTwitter #LibraryLife #AcademicLibraries #MedLibs

Please help @R4LPartnership find out more about user needs so they develop their research access programmes to best meet the challenges that users face. Survey available in English, French and Spanish. Deadline: 7th Sept. Please share

The life-changing work we do at CRP would be impossible without our generous donors. Every donation, no matter how small, helps us support vulnerable communities in Jordan through emergency aid and support programs. Check out the video below to see what your donation can do!

“Increasingly it appears that we will be seeing two systems of journal publishing running side by side: high-volume OA publishing operating on an industrial scale, and more-selective publications with a strong editorial focus”

Sci-Hub Moves to the Center of the Ecosystem via @scholarlykitchn

This summer has been difficult for the kids who participate in CRP’s programming. @seenary0, a regional specialist in performing arts education, organized a play for our kids. Fifteen children wrote & planned their very own musical over a week!

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